Rodolfo Saez

I like to build solutions that focuses on social habits. I am a very curious problem solver always looking for a challenge. My tech journey started with networking providing WAN and LAN connections to different organizations. Then as a consultant I designed software solutions and fit them in existing datacenter infrastructures. When I architect a solution, I consider all of my experiences to deliver a user focused, reliable, and secure service.

I enjoy puzzles like Sudoku, board games like Settlers of Catan. I like to travel, you can always find me exploring remote places or new cultures abroad. I am an avid cooking student, my number one meal is chicken. I carry my camera everywhere I go sharing my perspective with the world. I take my inspiration from nature and love the outdoors.

One of my passions is to promote computer science throughout my community. In my spare time I like to volunteer with HOPE (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) to help high School students graduate and with HACKGT organize STEM events.